How Everyone Can Have a Prom Limo

Prom is probably the most important night in the lives of your students and while you envy their optimism at the world and want to warn them that it's not as easy as it looks, you also want them to enjoy the period between the end of their childhood and the beginning of the rest of their life.

Therefore you are probably also a little surprised by the amount of money your students are spending on their prom night, between their hair and nail appointments, dresses suits and limo hire they are pulling out all the stops.

So to make sure your students all have the chance to enjoy a limo ride to their prom and that they have a bit more room in their prom budget, the school can subsidise the limo hire for the prom students. The school can book enough limos for the entire graduating class and this enormous group booking will be able to attract an important discount to the hire price.

The school can then pass this saving on to students, as well as including some of the hire cost in their ticket price, meaning that all of your students can arrive at their prom in their own private, stylish chauffeur driven limousine.

It also means that you know your students will be kept safe on their way to and from their prom as they won't be tempted to drive themselves and risk an accident, they are not waiting around at night for a taxi to get them home and they are guaranteed a lift home by their limo chauffeur.

School prom can really separate the families which can afford to splurge on their children and the families which can't, but by booking enough limos for your class from Hire Limos we can make sure that prom limo hire is affordable for all of your students and no one is left out.